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Serval HVAC

Serval HVAC

Serval HVAC is a website for the company offering solutions HVAC. The web development was done with Bootstrap 3 using WordPress and a Html5 Blank Template. It is responsive for large, medium and small screens, prepared to SEO-campaigns and accessible. Visit website
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Yoga Up

Yoga Up

Yoga Up is a community created by Yogis and Yoginis, for Yoga lovers. The mission is to expand the Yoga teachings, the philosophy, the practice and build a space to share ideas, thoughts and visions. We used the theme Colorlib so the task was to personalize the website and create the content prepared to SEO…. View Article
Clàudia Hurtado website

Clàudia Hurtado

Clàudia Hurtado writes poems and in the website we are going to read her. She is from Barcelona and requested a page with a search form, some contact form and also the blog to publish the poems. Taken with Html5 blank template, I have used WordPress to develop the website with use of HTML5 and… View Article
Roberto Savikko Web

Roberto Savikko

The personal web Roberto Savikko aims to present both my projects as articles related to the web world in general. Taken with a blank template WordPress, I have used HTML5 and CSS3 for layout and design, also a minimum of PHP, WordPress language. The designs were created first with Photoshop Cs6. It’s my first fully… View Article

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Responsive web design

About the book “Responsive Web Design”

Responsive Web Design by Ethan Marcotte is pioneer and advances a need: access to the web from any device and screen. This begins by introducing concepts such as flexible grids and using media queries or meta viewport. To finish, add a new trend, “Mobile First”. Also adds an interesting question: what is every customer looking… View Article
Css3 Book Designers

About the book “Css3 for web designers”

The book CSS3 for web designers Jeffrey Zeldman explores the new power of CSS3 replacing in many cases the use of Javascript and also allows facilitate working with new functionalities. In the book, the transitions that create more surprising effects are presented, for example, through the mouse is over. Other aspects such as the rounded… View Article
Curso Google Marketing Digital

About the “Free Google Marketing Online course”

Last November there was a free classroom course in Barcelona launched by Google in collaboration with IAB Online Marketing. In the coming years, is expected that the jobs related with the digital sector is going to grow a lot and that leads many professionals and many young people to reinvent their future. Works like Big… View Article
SEO básico en Google

Basic SEO for Google

Over 90% of online searches in Spain are through Google. With new updates increasingly bad practices are penalized and rewards those sites that maintain a quality content, without error and without fault on the server. There are three basic aspects I would like to emphasize on the basic SEO to get on Google: the use… View Article

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